• Fukuoka International Congress Center
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  • Fukuoka Kokusai Center

Fukuoka Convention Center


Fukuoka Convention Center/Image
Fukuoka Convention Center Answering the Demands of International Business

Fukuoka International Congress Center is equipped with sliding walls to adjust to the style and scale of each convention, as well as an organizers office. The latest simultaneous interpreter booths and audio/visual equipment are also available to respond to the high demands in this information age, making it a highly advanced facility in a waterside location.


Comfortable Space and Clearly Marked Passageways

The three-lane driveway allows twelve buses to park simultaneously, making parking easy. Simple, safe and comfortable passageways guide visitors from the entrance to events via escalators and elevators. A walkway to the adjacent Fukuoka Sun Palace brings the two facilities together to create a single large scale convention center. The Green Mall between the two facilities creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere for any convention.

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