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Marinemesse Fukuoka


Marinemesse Fukuoka
A Facility for the Future - Marine Messe Fukuoka

Marine Messe Fukuoka is a versatile facility used for many different types of events, functioning as a multi-purpose exhibition facility for large scale events and exhibitions, an arena facility for athletics and volleyball events, and a hall facility for concerts.

Name Marine Messe Fukuoka
Location 7-1 Okihama Machi Hakata Ku Fukuoka City
Size 4 storey, 2 basement (ceiling 30m)
Land area 28,191m2
Building Area 19,628m2
Floor space 40,631m2
Structure Steel reinforced concrete, steel frame (roof)
Outside finish Roof/titanium seam welded Exterior/Aluminum panel extruded profile
Floor finish Concrete + dustproof coating
Parking 950 spaces for visitors and 80 spaces for organizers
Capacity Maximum 15,000 people
Facility Size Floor load (per m2
Multi-Purpose Exhibition Hall 8,000m2 5t (elevated seating 0.55t, elevated stage 1t)
Second Floor Exhibition Space 1,100m2 0.8t
Seaside Mall 1,400m2 0.3t
Sub-arena(3F) 851m2 0.35t
Facility Size Capacity (school) Capacity (Theater)
Large Meeting room 410m2 250 500
Meeting room 1 86m2 20 60
Meeting room 2 140m2 56 130
Meeting room 3 106m2 36 90
Meeting room 4 44m2 12 20
Waiting room A 78m2 - -
Waiting room B 87m2 - -
Waiting room C 51m2 - -
Waiting room D 87m2 - -
Waiting room E 30m2 - -
Waiting room F 30m2 - -
Waiting room G 19m2 - -
Waiting room H 27m2 - -
Waiting room I 31m2 - -
Waiting room J 31m2 - -
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